In the late 1990’s, the Men of Principle initiative was established to further align Beta Theta Pi with its time-proven principles and obligations. For add’l details on this program, visit

Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life. Our brotherhood aids the individual, builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship.

Lifelong Friendship — Bonded by oath and ritual, Betas form lifelong bonds of trust and friendship which are the foundation of the Fraternity’s mission.

Cultivation of the Intellect — Beta membership encourages individual and chapter support of the academic mission and provides opportunities for co-curricular learning and personal growth.

Responsible Leadership — Betas participate in a system of self-governance, bound by trust and responsibility, which nurtures the development of social and leadership skills.

Responsible Social Conduct — Beta Theta Pi is committed to standards of social conduct which are guided by principles of urbane, civil, courteous and responsible deportment.

Commitment to Community — The experience of being a Beta encourages men to serve their university, fraternal and local communities.

Vision Statement

Beta Theta Pi will be the exemplary standard for collegiate fraternal societies. Through implementation of Men of Principle, Beta will have successfully implemented policies and programs to achieve these objectives:

  • Betas will be universally known as friends, gentlemen and scholars.
  • Beta Theta Pi will be acclaimed and respected by the academic community.
  • Beta Theta Pi will be endorsed by parents who will advocate membership for young men.
  • Betas will be in high demand by leaders of business, government and the professions.

Beta Theta Pi will engender bonds of friendship and brotherhood which create a lifelong commitment to serve and support the Fraternity.